The Vintage Dirt Track Racing Association (VDTRA) is moving into the next generation as we transition to become the Xtreem Flat Track Series. Xtreem Flat Track is the newest home for America’s original extreme sport, flat track motorcycle racing. Top riders from around the world compete bar to bar at speeds up to 130+ miles per hour in one of the most exciting spectacles on dirt. This is Xtreem Flat Track.

Xtreem Flat Track Coming Soon

The history of Flat Track Motorcycle racing was built on the dirt tracks of America.  The sport that became even more popular with 1971's motorcycle movie On Any Sunday, and it's highlighting of Champion Mert Lawwill had already been a favorite spectacle at county fairs and dirt tracks across the United States. This is a sport that features man and machine, coupled together in a poetic dance on the edge of beauty and disaster.  On some tracks riders reach speeds of 130 m.p.h. before pitching the bike sideways into a left handed turn.  Racers pass within inches or less of each other, darting high and low to gain an inch of ground in the name of their passion, and the glory of the checkered flag.  This is America's original extreme sport, and now the Xtreem Flat Track Series will offer another great showcase for the world's top riders.